Arbre à chat géant xxl avec ses griffoirs


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Because cats are the most adorable animals on earth, they deserve their little heavenly space in the house. This cat tree will offer them a haven of peace so that they can fully blossom. Spacious and robust, it will ensure the safety of your cat, in an environmentally conscious setting.  

  • Natural sisal rope scratching posts and bottom mat  
  • 9 posts covered with sisal rope
  • Color: Gray 
  • Lining material: synthetic fur .
  • Board material: compressed wood .
  • Height: 175CM

Domestic cat tree with climbing frame

If the development of cats is your priority, our domestic cat tree is for you.  A true paradise for felines. This design cat tree offers different scratching posts for your cat to scratch. 9  scratching posts , covered with very high quality sisal, resistant to any type of scratch. Perfect scratching posts for cats, to sharpen their claws. In addition to its high security, large size and scratching posts, this large tree also has various scratching posts. In particular, they allow kitty to rub at will. 

However, cats, even kittens, love to put themselves on high. Therefore, the comfortable perches of this tree should greatly delight them. Especially since these platforms are covered in cozy synthetic fur. This encourages cats to want to climb there to rest. Moreover, this also allows them to develop the hunting instinct. Because perched, they seem better on the lookout for a possible prey.

A cat tree so that kitty can play, sleep and eat in peace

Your wooden cat tree is a perfect play space where your kitten and big cats will really enjoy themselves. They can let off steam in it without restraint and stay away from your furniture. Especially since this giant cat tree comes with small toys to improve your kitty’s sight. 

In addition, thanks to the different levels of your tree, your cats can easily have fun there. In particular climbing, climbing , and thus avoiding your curtains. At the very top of the climb is a perch and a well-installed and comfortable bedding.

To rest, your cats will no longer come to your bed. These large washable trees provide them with everything your cats need. Moreover, with the litter box never far away, your cats will no longer have to urinate everywhere to mark their territory. Easy to assemble, these large wooden cat trees are perfect cat beds, ideal for taking naps. A hygienic piece of furniture that also does not clash with the decor of your apartment.

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